What WE can do for you

Community & Industry Decisions

  • Get in touch with more than 300 certified Members and associations worldwide to exchange ideas, develop clients, find the best supplier.
  • WE encourages open, lively and collaborative committees. By becoming a Member, your voice will be heard in the decision-making process of WE.


  • WE keeps Members up to date on the development of EU legislation and through effective communication and engagement in the political decision-making processes, seeks to influence the drafting of directives affecting the industry on behalf of and in the best interest of its Members.


  • WE ensures that its Member companies produce safe, high-quality products and strictly adhere to European directives and regulatory and legislative requirements.


  • WE has developed The Code of Good Hygienic Practice, a self-regulatory instrument for the benefit of consumer protection, dedicated to supporting Members in enhancing the quality of their products and services through education, information and support.


  • Privileged and secure access to some web pages, with specific information directly related to the business, training, international legislation, technical and crisis manuals, directories, etc.
  • Membership of WE provides the privilege and opportunity to use the WE logo, certifying the Member’s compliance with the water dispenser industry’s highest standards.