About WE

WATERCOOLERS EUROPE (WE) is the umbrella organisation for the European water dispenser industry.
It comprises national water dispenser associations, international manufacturers and direct members.

Better for the industry

WE brings together the best of the industry providing training, networking and information to the users and manufacturers of a wide range of water dispensers including bottled water dispensers, point-of-use dispensers and counter-top/undercounter water systems.

Better for business

  • WE provides a unique source of information for the European water dispenser industry.
  • WE helps those seeking creative and innovative ideas to improve and drive their business success.
  • WE serves as the source of expertise, knowledge and professional resources for the water dispenser industry.
  • WE seeks to educate and support its Members to succeed in business and protect their investment.
  • WE strives to influence the drafting of directives affecting the Industry on behalf of and in the best interest of its Members.

Better for quality

  • WE acts as a single voice for its Members and is a bridge between the water dispenser industry, government agencies and the consumer, promoting the exchange of technical, scientific and regulatory information to establish and maintain comprehensive standards for safe water and hydration.
  • WE defines and promotes the highest quality standards for the benefit of consumer protection and ethical practices in the industry.

Better for networking

  • WE organises an annual conference in key European cities, offering a wide number of networking opportunities where businesses are developed and progress is made.