World Water Day Encourages Renewed Efforts to Improve Water and Energy Efficiency

March 27, 2014

BRUSSELS - Today is World Water Day. This special day marks the opportunity to reflect on the vital role water plays in our everyday lives. The 2014 edition of World Water Day is centred on the theme “Water and Energy”, emphasising the need to improve water and energy efficiency as well as protect this precious resource.
The European Federation of Bottled Water (EFBW) supports World Water Day and its message to work toward a better coordination of energy and water planning so to reduce inefficiencies and maximise the use of our water resources. “European bottled water producers have a long track record in protecting water sources and have also continuously worked toward optimising an energy-efficient production process. The industry is very proud to have one of the lowest water use ratio and is working to lower this mark even further”, remarks Bernard Pruvost, EFBW’s Chair of the Environment Working Group.
In 2012, EFBW repeated its benchmarking exercise of measuring the European bottled water industry’s water use ratio, which signalled that European producers have managed to increase their water efficiency by a staggering 10% over the course of 4 years. Maximising the use of water resources is but one aspect of the bottled water sector’s efforts to respectfully and sustainably manage resources: bottled water’s carbon footprint is also one of the lowest of all foods and packaged beverages. Moreover, the bottled water sector continues to improve its energy efficiency thanks to innovations for lighter packaging (3) and actively deploying low-emission means of transport.
More recently, the European Federation of Bottled Waters announced it has developed guidelines for the bottled water industry which seeks to harmonise, among other things, the way bottlers measure their water and energy usage, and hereby improve their environmental performance throughout the product’s entire life cycle.
Returning to the very essence of World Water Day, EFBW’s Secretary-General Patricia Fosselard points out that “Thanks to comprehensive ground water management and public-private partnerships, natural mineral and spring water producers ensure the highest degree of protection for the water sources, securing the availability of these precious resources for future generations.”

Source: EFBW