WE launches its new Website

September 5, 2011

The new website is one of the key steps in the communication strategy revamping

September 2011 is a crucial date in the process that WE started in order to revamp its corporate image.

The new site is the core of the new communication strategy that will turn WE into an essential meeting point for the Watercooler Industry.

A macrocosm of microcosms

The journey began with a proposal: a whole change of the Association’s image. Like its members, WE wanted to keep on growing, to go one step beyond, and to offer detailed information about all the goals and successes that the Association achieves for the industry. In this respect, the WE board, after a lot of thought and discussion, settled on making the website a place where its members get the relevance and privileges they deserve. WE is like a macrocosm composed of 300 microcosm-companies, and that is the idea the new website should transmit.

WE’s new website entails an added value and multiple benefits to its members

The site has changed from a static channel, to a dynamic instrument. Now, the website is a platform that promotes the exchange of information and industry advances between WE members.

This philosophy of exchange gives members an added value: only through becoming a member will you be able to access privileged content.

From a formal point of view, the new aesthetic balances high impact visuals with uncluttered typography to provide a solid and lasting image. The homepage is built around cutting-edge news and industry articles updated in order to offer the latest information about the main topics that concern WE members.

The WE work team hope you enjoy this new information and exchange experience.