WE in Moscow

October 11, 2018

Watercoolers Europe Executive Council is keen to promote the watercooler industry in Russia.  To this end, Gustav Felix, Director General WE and Naveen Singh, Eden Springs hosted a meeting on Monday 24th September with a group of Operators.  The aim was to inform delegates on the latest relevant developments, meet some of the major suppliers and learn about products and services.  The power of Association networking was also high on the agenda!

Suppliers were represented by Activewhere, Blupura, Cosmetal, Ebac, H20 Direct, Oasis and Silgan Closures.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to meet Russia Water Cooler industry leaders closer, introduce our products  and understand their needs as distributors. Russia is a very attractive market with lots of opportunities and the meeting proved this once again. Very useful data from the WE Director General, Gustav Felix was presented during the meeting. I found it all to be useful and an enjoyable event” reported Sinem Karadag from Ebac.

Jim Redford from H20 Direct was also enthuastic:  “It was great to meet up with Russian operators at the WE -Russian Water cooler association event.  With new market information and some great new contacts we look forward to future cooperation in this market.”

Gustav Felix gave a detailed report on the watercooler market in Russia and Europe. 

“It was a successful day and we look forward to building an Association in this territory and developing the market” was Gustav Felix’s take on the day.