Waterlogic Plc Acquired

December 17, 2014

Castik Capital, the European private equity investment firm, have launched a recommended cash acquisition of Waterlogic Plc by Poseidon Bidco Ltd., a newly incorporated company owned by EPIC Funds, which are managed by Castik Capital.  Waterlogic Plc is a global distributor of point-of-use drinking water purification and dispensing systems.

Castik has an investment horizon of up to ten years, longer than most other private equity funds.  This enables Castik to focus resources on its portfolio companies and ensure sustainable, long-term value creation.

Commenting on the Acquisition, Michael Phillips of EPIC Funds, said:

"Waterlogic is a leading provider of POU systems with strong market positions across a range of international operations. Our strategy is to deploy significant capital to support the growth of the business, both organically and via acquisitions, which would not otherwise be available to Waterlogic as a quoted company suffering from limited liquidity. We are excited to be partnering with Management to deliver a strategy to consolidate the water market further, potentially both in terms of POU and BWC units. Waterlogic has built an enviable position through its technology leadership and we look forward to leveraging this international platform."