August 23, 2016

Aqua Line is an established, family built and operated Danish water dispenser business which has grown organically since beginning in 1998.  It specialises in Point of Use (POU) water coolers and has a range of instant boiling taps.

This acquisition, announced on 5th August 2016, further strengthens Waterlogic’s market presence in Denmark, adding over 4,300 new water coolers to the Danish operation.  Erik Gulbrandsen, Managing Director Waterlogic Denmark commented “The acquisition of Aqua Line cements Waterlogic as a clear leader in the point-of-use water dispensing industry in Denmark, and strengthens our position in the important Copenhagen region.”

Waterlogic was acquired in January 2015 by funds managed by Castik Capital, the European private equity investor.  The acquisition of Aqua Line is the 7th demonstration of the company’s buy-and-build strategy, following the recent acquisition of Clear Water Group, Norway and substantial acquisitions in the UK and Australia.