Water-only fasting benefits your heart

October 6, 2011

Did you know that routine 24-hour water-only fasting may benefit your heart? This is what a new study published on the Science Daily website.

Research from cardiologists from the US found that fasting can lower your risk of suffering coronary artery disease and diabetes, besides it would bolster a growth hormone, which protects lean muscles. In addition to this, fasting can also improve your blood cholesterol levels.

Another study from the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2007 also shows that people who fast one day each month for religious practices have lower rates of heart disease, which is revealing.

However, although some experts agreed that a one-day water fast is very unlikely to have side-effects, they also advised caution if someone is going to try a more extended detox plan, such as the Lemon Detox Diet, Fat Flush, Liver Detox Diet or whatever fasting that includes more than a complete day without ingesting anything more than water.

On the other hand, historical record indicates that human beings are evolutionary designed to fast. And there is evidence of this, since one day water-only fasting is an exceptionally powerful approach to healing many common disease conditions: it allows your body to rest, to detoxify and helps healing. During water-only fasting, your organism goes through the same kind of process that happens while you are sleeping, a natural detoxification cycle. Your organism —experts recall— naturally detoxes itself, through your hardworking kidneys and liver, which eliminates toxins.

The body uses its energy during a fast, not for digesting food, but for removing toxins from your body and contributes to cell regeneration. That means that, while fasting helps cleaning your organism, its cells will work in a better way after it.

In addition, while you are fasting, your body consumes everything it can that is not essential or damages your health, including bacteria, viruses, waste substances in the blood and stored fat.

If you’re looking for a safe cleanse or a way to watch over your blood pressure, be sure you eat all-natural food, avoid excess medication and alcohol and, above all, drink lots of bottled water.

More information about the new study at: ScienceDaily


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