Three Interesting Facts About the World Bottled Water Market

December 20, 2011

# 1. Worldwide  bottled water consumption increases  by 10 per cent each year

Since the introduction to the marketplace of bottled waters derived from either a natural spring or mineral water source , their sales  have risen by roughly 12% each year. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation (2003), annual global bottled water consumption  rose from 12.6 litres per capita in 1996 to more than 21 litres   in 2002.

While the fastest growth can be seen in places like Asia and South America, North America still tops the table in terms of overall consumption.

The consumption in  today's Europe  increases  steadily.  Indeed, the Old Continent has a long tradition of commercially bottled waters, brands like   Perrier having  been around for centuries. Recent  EFBW data tells  that  the annual bottled water consumption in the European Union varies greatly from one country to another,  the average  being  105 litres per capita.  Finland has the lowest consumption of  16 litres per capita  a year,  while Italy  the highest  , almost 200 litres.

# 2. China has quickly become world's number two bottled water consumer

According to Zenith Interntional , while  China consumed  roughly eight billion litres of bottled water in year 2000, in 2009 this number was  just under 21 billion litres , representing  an increase of almost 300%.  Many parts s of the world do not have easy access to clean drinking water, making bottled water the only safe option .   This explains   why sales have recently increased strongly  in countries  like China, Pakistan and India.

# 3. The 2011 value of the Bottled Water Market is forecasted  over  $86 billion

The global bottled water market grew by 7% in 2006 to reach a value of $60,938.1 million (60.9 billion). The market grew by 8.1% in 2006 to reach a volume of 115,393.5 million liters. In 2011, the market is forecast to have a value of $86,421.2 million (86.4 billion), an increase of 41.8% since 2006. In 2011, the market is forecast to have a volume of 174,286.6 million liters, an increase of 51% since 2006. With regard to bottled water sales, Europe was the leading region in 2006 with a 52.9% share of the global market and Nestlé was the leading company  with a 23.3% market share.

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