Scientists reinstate the importance of hydration

November 18, 2015

Last month, EFBW (European Federation of Bottle Water) held a symposium at the European Nutrition Conference in Berlin.  Renowned scientists reinstated the importance of adequate hydration to maintain GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING in daily life.

Dr. Laurent Le Bellego, Chairman of the EFBW Health Group, highlighted the significant developments experienced by the science on hydration in his opening speech:  ‘New findings relate to drinking behaviour knowledge in different countries all over the world, as well as the effects of mild dehydration on cognition and mood. The relationship between optimal water intake and the prevention of chronic kidney diseases also appears as an exciting and promising field of research for the future', Dr. Le Bellego said.

The symposium provided evidence that improving hydration and water intake can significantly contribute to better nutrition and public health. Experts in the field of hydration, psychology and physiology updated the audience about latest research related to fluid intake in Europe, the impacts of mild dehydration in everyday life and the potential effects of dehydration on kidney diseases.

New research has also demonstrated that dehydration may impair mood and sensations. 'The results suggest that an increase or decrease in habitual water intake has an improving or worsening effect on mood states and physiological sensations', said Dr. Nathalie Pross, neurocognition expert at Biotrial Neuroscience.

Read the full report  ‘Hydration and its importance for daily life and health’.

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Source: EFBW