Sanpellegrino Company is Champion of Made in Italy in the world

December 21, 2011

The Sanpellegrino company,  leader  in  Italian  beverage  category, has been awarded  ‘Champion of Made in Italy in the World’ and was assigned one of the annual  ‘Confindustria Awards for Excellence – Andrea Pininfarina’.

The prestigious award was presented to Sanpellegrino CEO and President Stefano Agostini during a “Make It In Italy” conference in Turin, attended by top management of major Italian companies and various Italian institutions. The award honours the company that has most actively contributed to the international diffusion of  ‘Made in Italy’ and the image of Italy and  Italian values  in international markets.

‘The enhancement of the ‘Made in Italy’ quality and  excellence has always played a central role in Sanpellegrino’s business strategy and investments, and this award represents an important  recognition of Italian companies by the world', said Stefano Agostini. 'For  more  than  a  century,  the  Sanpellegrino  brand has been an ambassador of the  refined Italian taste and style, and the results in the international markets show that our choice has been a winning one.’

Sanpellegrino won the award partly thanks to  its Italian Talents project,  through which the company has built  important partnerships since 2010  with other Italian companies of international fame,  such as Missoni and  Bulgari, in order to communicate globally the innovation, quality, design and prestige that make the Italian lifestyle and culture famous abroad.   Sanpellegrino natural mineral water special editions of 2010 and 2011 are  examples of such  partnerships.

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