Philips Unveils Revolutionary Water Disinfection Solution

December 20, 2011

The new Philips water disinfection device uses UV technology and is able to purify water no matter its temperature or which point-of-use application the device is integrated into.  It seems to provide  an opportunity to expand existing markets, and to develop new ones.

Philips announced early in November a new water disinfection solution which improves the existing UV technology for water purification. The new device, InstantTrust, is able to purify both hot and cold water and can be integrated into any point-of use application including taps, water pitchers, under-the-sink water filters and portable counter-top systems. The application has the potential to be of particular interest to the residential market and could also open new ones as it can be used anywhere, including in less developed parts of the world. 

In a statement Philips said that InstantTrust forms cutting edge disinfection technology optimized for point-of-use applications and that water can now be disinfected “instantly, effectively and independently of water temperature”.

Other advantages? Philips says the new device is so compact that it allows manufacturers to integrate it into smaller equipment than ever before, and that from appearance point of view it will fit any modern household. Not only does it disinfect water independently of its temperature, but it enables instant disinfection of even small quantities of water, eliminating waiting time.

These two features should pave InstantTrust's way into the residential market.

Ernest Sanderse, Marketing Manager UV Purification said:  “Thanks to this innovation safe water is now always within reach: anytime, anywhere. We are dedicated to working with leading equipment manufacturers of end-use products to make this technology available for people around the world.”