Oliver Rodés Laboratory is 110 years old this year

May 30, 2012

Based in Barcelona, it has been 110 years since pharmacy doctor, Oliver Rodés, started an analysis register book with independent numbering from his pharmacy office’s prescription pad. Those were the beginnings of the Oliver Rodés Lab, which is currently managed by Jordi Oliver Rodés, the founder’s great-grandson. This is the fourth generation of a company which, from the beginning, was dedicated to all kinds of water advine and análisis.

The lab is mainly known because his name appears on most Spanish water bottles; indeed, of around 140 bottled water brands which exist in today’s market, the lab works for about 100 of them. This market segment represents about 25% of Oliver Rodés Lab’s turnover. “We work for industry in general,’ points out the Laboratory’s General Manager, Jordi Oliver Rodés, ‘particularly for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and pharmacy sectors. We also work for the tertiary sector, which is the area that we want to develop.’

Oliver Rodés Lab helps companies to meet the requirements of current legislation, carrying out the necessary analytical quality controls and advising them how to solve the problem if any anomaly is detected. The Laboratory acts as a technological partner, offering an integral service based on analysis, ongoing training, audits and a hygiene regulatory consultancy, which specializes in all kinds of waters. These include those waters which are mainly used for human consumption: bottled, pool, sewage, reused and food industry production ones, for example, but the company also deals with issues such as alimentary microbiology, legionella control and much more. Laboratory Oliver Rodés currenty works for several companies across Europe.

The company’s development plan includes expanding its business to hotels, resorts and spas: all companies, in effect, which are specifically related to water. In this regard Oliver Rodés Laboratory brings added value to the market and also offers an independent certificate - ‘Oliver Rodés Methodical Control’ - for companies who want to display their knowledge and training to their clients. They are also working on the development of applied research, specifically on projects dating back to 2003.

Oliver Rodés Lab has maintained a double-digit level of sustained growth over the last decade. Last year, its annual turnover reached 2,5€ millions.

Situated in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), in 2009 the company extended its facilities to 2,200m², expansion which was deemed necessary due to the company’s growth. “We rely on our excellent specialist team, which consists of 36 people, of whom more than half are graduates,” said Jordi Oliver Rodés.

In the basement of the Laboratory it is possible to visit a great bottled water collection, consisting of more than 6000 different bottles from 140 countries. What a tremendous link to the world of water!

Directly released from Laboratorio Oliver Rodés