Odessa: New Beginnings

October 6, 2011

Watercoolers Europe's 17th Trade Fair is the first convention under the Association’s new name. Following the spirit of collaboration, this event has been organized by WE together with the Russian Watercooler Association and the Ukrainian Watercooler Association. This international collaboration resulted in making from the Odessa event a place of exchange of knowledge and an exhibition of innovative products, a place where companies from all over the world shared their points of view about present development and future challenges of the industry.

The Watercooler Industry knows it: expanding the borders of the markets and making new connections or agreements stimulates growing. Now, the Eastern Europe emerging markets are destined to become the key for suppliers to find new ways of increasing benefits and improving product quality.

Meetings and discussions took place inside and outside the international conference, which offered interesting courses and training workshops covering all kind of subjects related to Watercooler Industry.

“The Key Success Factors of a HOD Integration”, “How to increase sales, preserve your customer base and make advertisement efficient” and “Responding to Public Concerns on Safety and the Environment” are only three of the numerous courses that were imparted in the Bristol Hotel, on September 19th to 22nd.

Bottlers, suppliers and distributors from countries so different as United States, France or Russia, became an important part of the fruitful four-day process. Because there are always more similarities than differences within Watercooler Industry executives, no matter where they were from, conversations and collaboration flew, creating a comfortable atmosphere of dialogue.

The participants  took part to a training on hygiene and POU installation practice and also learned how to cope with daily stress, usual issues for them, but always useful and significant.
A complete range of technical advances and new marketing strategies was showed at the traditional Exhibition, on the base floor of the Bristol Hotel; forty one companies with their forty one stands served to attendants as a resume of the Watercooler Industry progress during last year.

A crucial moment of the event was the Gala dinner at the Victory Garden’s luxury concert hall, with all companies and their executives celebrating their meeting —and the prizewinning—. It was a delicious evening where everyone could relax and enjoy tasting the exquisite cuisine of the Black Sea region or dancing —yes, executives do not just work, they also dance— or, thanks to the Russian Association, sending their balloons, each one with a little wish inside, into the night sky.

At last, every company and every association won a great prize at the Bristol Hotel on the frame of Odessa Trade Fair and Convention: they found the perfect place to share what they learned last year and find out, maybe just outline, possible solutions for their concerns. And we cannot forget that positive collaboration is the best way to develop a better Watercooler Industry.