Natural Hydration Council - The link between adequate hydration and health

December 20, 2013

The NHC represents over 50% of the bottled water industry in the UK and was founded by Danone Waters UK & Ireland Ltd, Nestlé Waters and Highland Spring in 2008. The achievements of this small organisation are particularly remarkable considering it was established by rivals in a fiercely competitive industry.

WE members are encouraged to visit the site where there is lots of information on hydration, water facts, how much we should be drinking and what is dehydration.

At their AGM, held this autumn,
Sally Stanley, Highland Spring, Alex Valk, Danone & Sian Chapman, Nestle Waters presented the NHC key achievements:

  • Formation of influential and knowledgeable science panel
  • Successful challenges against anti-bottled water advertising campaigns
  • Hydration campaign with Netmums
  • Many scientifically rigorous hydration education documents

Giles Quick, director of communications at Kantar World Panel, revealed that Kantar's study  on the nutritional information in supermarket shopping baskets,.  found that shoppers who purchase bottled water are the most likely to have a healthier shopping basket overall.

The NHC's scientific experts – Dr Leigh Gibson of the University of Roehampton, Dr Emma Derbyshire of Manchester Metropolitan University, and Professor Tom Sanders of King's College London – gave a series of talks that demonstrated the science underpinning the NHC.

Dr Derbyshire talked of the importance of hydration among children, showing studies that proved the link between adequate hydration and health and well-being among young people.

Professor Sanders then gave a valuable insight into the confusing world of recommended fluid intakes, explaining the evidence-based guidance issued by the European Food Safety Authority and the recently approved health claims for water.