Limited use of bottled water during the upcoming climate change conference, the city of Durban said.

November 10, 2011

From November 28 to December 9, the United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place in Durban, South Africa. The event is reportedly scheduled to set an example and the use of bottled water will be limited, at least during the Conference.

The South African city of Durban recently announced that consumption of bottled water will be limited at the Albert Luthuli convention centre during the upcoming climate change conference. The measure represents one of the centre's initiatives to spread the concept: reducing the use of energy will lead to stopping climate change, said CEO Julie-May Ellingson.

As to other related actions, Ellingson said the convention centre recently went through an energy efficient retrofit and has received a certification from the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

"Being ISO-certified verifies that the centre is minimising its harmful effects on the environment and is continually working to improve its environmental performance," Ellingson added.

Besides announcing that the centre would cut down on the use of bottled water during conferences, Ellingson stated: "We are doing this with confidence because we know that our water is clean. We will put water jugs on the tables and also install water machines.”

There is however a potential problem with this initiative: some delegates could come from countries where tap water is not considered totally clean. "We will show them that our water is clean and safe. It is not only clean, but tasty too," Ellingson answered to related concerns.

The conference is expected to attract 20,000 delegates. Events like this can provide the Watercooler Industry with opportunities to show POU alternatives and to communicate advances made with regards to the environment and in reducing the carbon footprint in the production process.