Life in Service Indicators, Leading Technology to ensure filter change schedules are followed

November 27, 2012

Eden Spring and Camfil Farr Group —global air filtration specialist— both have adopted during this year Timestrip ‘Life in Service’ indicators to trigger vital component replacement work

Timestrip, a global business bringing low-cost, technologically advanced, has patented protected time and temperature monitoring indicators, searching for technology improvement, to ensure filter change schedules are followed and water quality maintained. As a result, Customer Service teams are able to plan and schedule sanitizations, filter changes and general maintenance work in advance, avoiding stock shortages and any delays which might cause water coolers to be out of service for short periods.

Water coolers situated in thousands of offices across Europe carry a Sanitization or filter change reminder card attached to the stand casing, with a 6 month Timestrip LIS indicator affixed to the card. This ensures consumers see they are drinking quality water from a regularly serviced water cooler and it shows companies’ commitment to create an optimal environment for hygienic and safe water consumption in the workplace.  Further it ensures that the water delivery teams see when it’s time to change filters during the regular checks.

Timestrip 6 Month LIS indicator labels are the perfect low-cost solution for monitoring elapsed time and accurately prompting filter replacements. The service teams simply attach a new Timestrip LIS indicator to the maintenance card when a filter is changed, the Timestrip verifies it has been successfully activated and it’s then clear to everyone using the water cooler what the remaining effective life of the filter unit is.

Last April, Renaud Huber from Camfil Farr Group commented about his company adopting Timestrip LIS: “Changing the pre-filter at the optimum time reduces the lifecycle cost of the Air Handling Unit and the overall energy consumption. Timestrip LIS indicators gave us the chance to share our vision of better IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and lower power consumption thanks to a smart and simple maintenance tool!”.

Saving energy compsumption isn’t only for global air filtration, Watercooler Industry can improve its working by this way. In Timestrip Managing Director Reuben Isbitsky words: “Our clients find the clear visual reminder feature of our product easy to use, easy to read and trust the display to tell service teams when the component has reached the end of its effective life and should be replaced.  They are seen as more cost-effective than an electronic equivalent, not least because they cannot be reset once activated and they have no shelf-life issues, unlike battery powered electronic devices.  The environmental benefits, married to significant uplift in customer satisfaction levels make Timestrip LIS indicators a clear winner for switched on businesses.”

Directly released from Timestrip