Kalimba rebrands its watercooler business

June 15, 2012

Lanaken, Belgium, 12 June 2012. Kalimba - provider of freshly bottled drinking water and high-quality point-of-use watercoolers to workplaces and homes -recently rebranded its business. The new presentation represents their continuous care for mankind and society, as well as their origin, transparency and reliability. With this move, Kalimba repositions its water cooler business to serve both the business-to-business and consumer market in Belgium, the Netherlands and NordRhein-Westfalen, Germany in a true and authentic manner.

The Kalimba brand

“Kalimba is based in the heart of the Limburg region. We retrieve our quality water from the green valley of the river Meuse. As our visual appearance no longer reflected our identity, core beliefs and values, we decided to rebrand our business.” Says Ab van Deemter, Managing Director and co-founder of Kalimba NV. “Customers have always recognized us for our excellent products and service. They like to do business with us because they feel we genuinely care for them, for high-quality water and for our environment. Kalimba’s values are pure, sustainable, energetic and involved. When we started in 1996, businesses did not commonly visualize this kind of beliefs in their corporate identity. As a company, you simply needed to have a logo to be in business. Nowadays however, the water cooler business is loaded with emotions, also in a business-to-business context. Sustainability has finally been put on the agenda of many organisations. With the rebranding of our business, our visual identity perfectly mirrors what Kalimba stands for.”

Water with Limburg character

Van Deemter continues: “When we were thinking of the typical characteristics of the Kalimba brand, one word immediately came to mind: Limburg. Limburg is the region in which our water springs and it is home to many of our customers and employees. Consequently, adding the tagline ‘Water with Limburg character’ was a logical step. The original logo already showed the green Limburg hills, but it could use some restyling, as could the rest of our visual identity.”

A sustainable approach for a successful future

Apart from its geographical roots, quality products and excellent service, also Kalimba’s vision on sustainability makes it attractive to its customers. “The new logo and visual identity radiates the positive energy that customers experience in their contact with Kalimba. It expresses the organisation’s ambition to be reliable service partner, now and in the future.” explains Van Deemter. “In our new visual presentation you can recognize our vision on sustainability. We are convinced that the preservation of clean water and a lasting healthy natural environment is important and we do our utmost to realize this. For example, last year, Kalimba was one out of only seventeen Belgian enterprises to obtain the European GreenLight certificate. This certificate – promoted by the European Committee - is granted to organisations that use energy efficient lighting in their premises. In addition to this, we use solar energy and we installed speed limitation devices into our delivery trucks, which limits their speed to 85 km/hour”.

Directly released from Kalimba