It’s important to keep hydrated in the winter too!

December 19, 2017

Everyone knows that it’s important to drink lots of fluid in the warmer months.  But it’s just as important to stay hydrated in the winter and cold too.

  • Drier colder air can lead to dehydration making your body to feel slow and susceptible to some illnesses such as the common cold or the flu.  Drinking plenty of water gives your body the fluid needed to fight off these issues.
  • Sometimes we don’t even realise we are thirsty as dehydration is less noticeable in the colder months.  You should be drinking fluids regularly throughout the day.
  • In the winter we tend to exercise less and eat more!  When properly hydrated your body is far more efficient and this will help prevent weight gain.

So remember to visit the watercooler regularly throughout the day to help stave off winter problems and stay healthy!