Importance of Correct Labelling

May 19, 2014

Watercoolers Europe promotes best practice in all areas of the industry and not least regarding bottle labelling.  There has recently been a situation in Romania where “fake” natural mineral water has been taken off the shelves by the authorities. 

Almost 150,000 litres of “fake” natural mineral water were removed from the shelves of Lidl stores after the Romanian consumer protection authority (ANPC) found bottled water originating from a spring which was not on the list of the National Authority for Mineral Resources. 

Although no quality problems were reported, this is an important issue and it is reassuring to see controlling authorities protecting officially recognised natural mineral waters against unfair competition from possibly dubious operators.

WE Members can check that their own bottle labels meet the regulations by referring to the WE Technical Manual in the Members Section of .  The section is 3.1.2. and it gives legislation, marking, positioning and material guidance.