Greater business confidence and stronger perceptions of water as a healthy means of hydration

October 30, 2016

Delegates gathered at the Watercoolers Europe 2016 conference in Paris on Thursday 20th October to hear the latest watercooler industry statistics from Karen Wells, Zenith International  Managing Consultant.

73,000 extra water coolers were installed across West and East Europe in 2015, marking a 1.5% increase and taking the total to almost 4.9 million units, according to the sector’s leading specialist consultancy Zenith International.

The number of bottled water coolers edged up by 0.4%, and grew for the first time in West Europe since 2006.  The figure for point of use mains water coolers units rose by a further 5.4%, continuing their advance towards gaining a majority share. They now account for 28% of the market, compared with 27% in 2014.

Russia retains the lead for water cooler installations at 17% of the total, followed by the United Kingdom and Italy. The growth in bottled water coolers was driven mainly by Italy (+3.8%) and Spain (+3.3%). Mains-fed water coolers achieved double digit growth in many markets, including Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland in East Europe, and Austria, Portugal, Switzerland and France in West Europe.

“The water cooler industries in many of the bigger European markets have returned to a stable growth path, fuelled by a positive economic climate, greater business confidence and stronger perceptions of water as a healthy means of hydration” commented Zenith International Managing Consultant Karen Wells during the Watercoolers Europe Conference. 

Zenith forecasts that, by 2020 the total European market will advance a further 11% to almost 5.4 million units, with mains water coolers accounting for 31% of the total.

The 2016 Zenith Reports on West and East Europe Water Coolers each contain over 500 pages of market commentary, charts and tables including 15 detailed country profiles and a combined 240 company profiles.

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