Eden Springs Goes Carbon Neutral in all Europe

August 20, 2018

WE Member, Eden Springs with distribution Europe wide, has announced that after almost 10 years of dedicated sustainability efforts, it has become Europe’s largest certified Carbon Neutral water and coffee services company.

This has been achieved by undertaking three core activities:

  • Minimizing CO2 emissions in operations, optimising  distribution routes and improving the efficiency of their watercoolers and coffee machines.
  • Offsetting the CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided, by purchasing verified carbon reductions from carbon finance projects around the world. This year Eden Springs have purchased 52,470 tons of carbon reductions, which is the equivalent of 174 square km of forest sequestering carbon for one year, this area is bigger than the entire city of Manchester, Glasgow or Liverpool
  • Powering their European operations with 100% renewable electricity.

“Our commitment to climate leadership not only makes us proud to be part of this company as Eden employees, but also makes our own clients proud and allows them to be part of this initiative. This encourages all of us to be responsible and promote sustainable initiatives, not only at work, but also in our day-to-day lives.  Carbon Neutrality will be a pillar of the Eden brand moving forward”, advises Eden Springs’ President, Antonio Alarcon.

To know more about it: www.edensprings.co.uk/carbonneutral