Eden Springs – Berlin 2019 Sponsor

November 27, 2019

Antonio Alarcón: President, Continental Europe

Growing awareness of the importance of hydration away from sugary soft drinks creates new opportunities for the watercooler industry. What are your expectations in this regard?

Healthy hydration has been always an opportunity for our industry, but over time, people have become even more conscious of healthy hydration and of course, we see an increase in the demand and relevance of our services. Nowadays, I cannot imagine an office that does not provide quality water to their employees, as it is one of the least expensive, but at the same time, one of the most appreciated benefits that the employer can offer.

The larger players are increasing the share of the market. Are you expecting further consolidations in European markets?

The industry has been progressively consolidating over the past years; I would expect that to continue but a lower rate.

Do you see further developments of the niche markets not covered by major suppliers? 

Consumer and customer needs evolve all the time. There will always be a need for innovation and we try to follow those trends.

We see a slow uptake in the home watercoolers area. Is EDEN prepared to supply the domestic Sector?

We already supply the domestic sector in several countries. Although it is not yet the main source of business, it is a growing one.

According to statistics 60% of European consumers are influenced by ethic, environment and social responsibility. Are EDEN products complying with the expectations?

Eden is one of the leaders in the sector in climate action and our commitment to the environment is a reality. We invest constantly in this area.

Europe is leading in Design & Safety of watercoolers. Consumers are willing to try new products. Can they expect new developments from EDEN?

I don’t want to give away any surprises but as I said, innovation is important for us.

Besides price constraints, what are other challenges the industry is expected to face in the coming months?

Growing concern on Plastic and environmental awareness has been a major trend. It is both a challenge and an opportunity as well.

WE recently held its annual event in Berlin – what did you get out of attending?

This is a great forum to meet old and new industry colleagues and to exchange perspectives in a professional way.