Eden Springs acquires Watercooler Gigant and Viteau International B.V. in the Netherlands

March 27, 2020

Watercooler Gigant is a leading e-commerce platform in the Netherlands and supplies bottled water dispensers and filtration solutions to the commercial and residential markets. With the acquisition of Watercooler Gigant, Eden Springs enhances its position in the region through the addition of both a new e-commerce channel and approximately 1,800 customers.

"Watercooler Gigant has a strong reputation for quality service across its e-commerce platforms and shares our commitment to organic growth," said Antonio Alarcon, President of Eden Springs Continental Europe. "We are excited to welcome the Watercooler Gigant customers to the Eden Springs family, and look forward to providing them with even more products and services."

Eden Springs have also acquired Viteau, a leading supplier of bottled water and point-of-use filtration services in the Netherlands, strengthening Eden Springs’ density in the region to include another 6,500 machines on location, 4,000 of which are bottled water dispensers and 2,500 point-of-use.

"We are pleased that our customers will continue to receive high quality products and service from Eden Springs," said Benno Kuijf, owner of Viteau. "The strength of the Eden Springs platform and their commitment to excellence made Eden Springs the perfect choice to continue serving our customers."