Eden Spring’s Carnival: They know how to work, they know how to have fun

May 21, 2012

On Carnival day, Eden Springs Spain decided to boost work relationships and to improve and strengthen collaboration among workmates from different departments with a day of celebration, which not only included fancy dress for the employees, but also a ‘lip dub’, which took place from 12:00 to 14:30. 

According to the company, the idea came from a female telesales employee, who suggested to the Human Resources Department that people should come to work in fancy dress to celebrate the Carnival. The employee herself sent an email to all of her colleagues from Barcelona, inviting them to come to work dressed up. It was agreed that the themes should be representative of the water cooler industry, so some dressed up as coolers, while others came as coffee cups and sugar sacks…

Sergio Ramos, HR Director, stated: “We thought that the initiative was a very positive way of giving everyone a happy, relaxing time, particularly because everyone is experiencing a lot of worry at the moment due to the financial crisis. We decided therefore to boost their participation in two ways:

- By doing a lip dub (videoclip made up by people who synchronize their movements to the beat of a popular song)

- By encouraging people to join the event with the help of Grupo Compañerismo, a group consisting of employees whose mission is to suggest EXECO actions to improve both the atmosphere at work, and comradeship and relations among employees from different departments.”

Everything was set up at breakneck speed, since there were only 17 days between the female employee’s suggestion and Carnival Day. The company therefore needed its employees to react quickly.

According to Ramos, there is no doubt that team spirit is present in this company: “Since we knew that we would produce a lip dub, it was necessary to coordinate the choreography. Every person took it seriously and employees were divided into groups according to their departments. Each group chose how they were going to be dressed up; it was entirely up to them what they finally decided to do.”

Eden Spring’s Spanish employees handled the purchase of the materials (plastic, cardboard, cloth) and made the costumes during their lunch break. After much debate, they chose the song for the lip dub and, in order to choose the dance moves, they sought the assistance of the Marketing Manager, who dances in her spare time. During the days leading up to the event, they practised their choreography at lunchtimes.
The event took place on Friday, March the 17th and only four people turned up in regular clothes. Almost every person was dressed up, so you can imagine visitors’ faces when they arrived at Eden Spring’s offices in Spain on that day!

The day couldn’t pass without one funny story, of course! Ramos told WE: “Something funny did happen. Interviews were taking place on that particular day – with many candidates to be interviewed – so we had to explain to them what the festive atmosphere was about. At the very minute we were making the lip dub, a candidate arrived to deliver his resumé. He saw the commotion and left without giving it to us.”

On Carnival day, all of Eden Spring’s staff were invited to go to work in fancy dress, and to take photos of or videos about that day in their respective offices. The company will publish them – and the lip dub - in their e-newsletter.

Since this event was so successful, the company has now stated that they have plans to celebrate Sant Jordi (Saint George, book’s day) on Tuesday, April the 24th, but Ramos couldn’t disclose anything about it, so we’ll just have to wait and see…

Watch the video of the Lip Dub

Watch the video of the making-of