Dumping liquids at airport security may come to an end

February 16, 2012

UK based Cobalt Light Systems announced in January that its explosives detector has passed all European civil aviation security tests. It thereby seems that the days of throwing away your bottled water and toiletries at airport security may be coming to an end!

The current ban on items over 100 ml in hand baggage can only be lifted when airports are able to effectively and quickly screen the containers without opening them. Cobalt Light Systems' January announcement that its INSIGHT 100 had received European approval therefore constituted interesting news.

According to Cobalt,  the INSIGHT 100 scanner exceeded the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) standard for use at airports, with an almost perfect detection capability and neglible false alarm rate in unopened containers, ensuring maximum safety for the travelling public with minimum delays.

The company said INSIGHT 100 screens individual bottles in less than 5 seconds to determine whether there is a security threat. Cobalt CEO Paul Leoffen stated that the system “reveals the seemingly innocent precursor chemicals that could be mixed in flight to create a potent explosive.”

The system is currently in trials at  several major airports.  According to media reports, airports may start screening the contents of bottles for explosives  already in May 2013, providing  the technologies currently being trialled are up to the job.

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