Cooperation between Cosmetal & University of Camerino leads to revolutionary antibacterial solution!

October 8, 2013

The collaboration between Cosmetal and the University of Camerino, one of the oldest and most distinguished Italian universities, began four years ago and gave birth to the patented CU + SAFEPATH, protecting the hygienic safety of water coolers.
The new technology, SAFEPATH CU +, based on the antimicrobial properties of copper, offers continuous protection against the bacterial contamination of water dispensers.

The system's efficiency is linked to the design of the hydraulic circuit and to the use of a special range of antimicrobial copper components - circuits, solenoids, connectors - in 99% pure copper or alloys with more than 60% copper, that contribute to the bacterial immunity of the water dispenser.
CU + SAFEPATH is available on all models of the Niagara and JClass product ranges, and preserves the quality of water coming from the mains water supply, assuring a safe and efficient use of water distributors even in high-risk environments such as hospitals.