Contrex: A witty campaign to stay in shape

October 23, 2011

Contrex, from Nestlé group, has surprised everyone this season with an amusing campaign which shows how funny loosing weight could be. This advertising effort includes a video that became viral, a manifesto booklet to be distributed in shops, radio spots and a Facebook Fan Page under the name of the campaign: MyContrexperience.

The trend for turning publicity stunts into television ads has produced some recent marketing gems. But Nestlé and Contrex have trumped them all with this ad for Contrex mineral water.

First, you can see a YouTube —or Vimeo— video that shows some pink bicycles lined up in front of a historical building somewhere in a city very similar to Paris. Curious young ladies approach the stylish looking bikes and begin pedalling. Then, you understand what the transparent cables leading from the bikes to the wall are for: as the women pedal the wall begins to unveil a male who dances and undresses step by step, as he receives the energy from the cycles. Obviously, the excited ladies —the crowd surrounding them whoops and cheers— have to pedal faster to keep the stripper moving. They finish when he is about to lose his underwear, a card appears placed over his intimate part of the body telling the women they have just burned 2000 calories. And the music is not a random choice, Coment Te Dire Adieu, by famous French singer Françoise Hardy, means ‘the way I tell you goodbye’ —and not ‘It’s hard to say goodbye’ that translates the English version—.

See video

The video, produced by the agency Marcel WW, achieves the goal, following the tag line of the campaign: "Slimming would be easier if it was more fun". But the video is not the only action that Contrex started in order to make people smile: there are radio spots suggesting fun ways to lose weight easily each day. And you can be a part of the Facebook Fan Page, sharing tricks or challenges to take on with friends.

See facebook page

Marcel, the Paris-based agency behind this ad for Contrex, the brand from Nestlé, has instead opted for laughs, while retaining the traditional link between water and thirst.

Targeted entirely at women, the ad’s message is nothing new in itself: if you want to lose weight, do some fun exercise —enjoying it will help you to do it easily— and when you get thirsty drink lots of (Contrex) water. But the concept is original, its delivery delightful and it is tailor-made to go viral, which is already happening. Maybe that’s what the new markets and the new generations need: enjoying things and laughing.