BWCA Makes a Difference

June 27, 2019

BWCA has raised nearly £70,000 for Just a Drop during just over 3 years of support for the charity. 

Support of is part of the BWCA 5 for 5 Sustainability Pledge  The BWCA are delighted that numerous Member companies have chosen to support the charity in their own right. The ripple effect the BWCA initiative has encouraged and inspired many companies and is making a huge impact.

Over 1000 people living in difficult conditions in Africa with no access to clean, safe water have benefited from boreholes funded directly by BWCA Members.  The availability of fresh water enables children to attend school regularly and form community farms because irrigation is now possible.

Jon Wicks, BWCA Chairman said:  “We are so proud of and grateful to our Members for their fundraising efforts on through trade show activities and via the charity auction at our annual gala dinner . Their generosity is overwhelming. This year, on 28 March alone, we raised £10,600. We are also very pleased that this work has inspired so many to get on board with Just a Drop and we hope others will be encouraged to do so. We also have more fundraising planned including our Golf Day.”

In the past year, two more BWCA-funded projects were completed in Kutemwa and Chibukisho villages, Zambia. By the end of 2019, there will be 5 BWCA-funded boreholes in total. Jon Wicks added: “It is good to be able to say that our 5 for 5 Pledge has helped transform lives in 5 villages.”