BWCA AGM & General Meeting 2015

November 18, 2015

At the recent BWCA AGM, Members heard from Chairman, John Dundon that he believed the BWCA to be in the best position for over 10 years.  The UK economy was now out of recession, with interest rates remaining low, inflation under control and with unemployment figures decreasing.  He believed that Members were enjoying growth and continued strength in the market and looked forward to the continuing trend.

The challenge of margins in the POU sector of the industry still remained, however, with 50% of the POU cooler base laying within the BWCA, he was hopeful that strategies resulting from research would reverse this trend for BWCA members to their commercial advantage. 

Dr Terrie Child presented the second phase of the POU research.  The first had concentrated on installation, location and use.  The second had examined biofilm within microbore tubing.  The full report with recommendations will be published shortly.  The third research element will feature filters enabling the BWCA to formulate a strategy and relevant standards for the POU water cooler industry.

Round table discussions, a great success at the 2014 General Meeting, once again provided much discussion.  Topics were:

  1. How can we best use the space around the watercooler to advertise and upsell
  2. How can we get our staff to learn more about the BWCA
  3. Is wellness or hydration the most important message to customers
  4. Selling the benefits of bottled water coolers over POU.