Blupura – Berlin Trade Fair Golden Sponsor

September 30, 2019

Debora Screpanti: Marketing Manager

What changes have there been for Blupura since Culligan made the acquisition in 2017?

I can only talk about positive changes. Blupura has grown incredibly in terms of revenue, company size and product ranges.
Today Blupura has 130 employees, a new product line for the domestic sector – Piccola - and a completely new product range to be released to the market after the WE Conference and Fair in Berlin, called Bluglass.

What advice would you give to delegates visiting the WE event in Berlin to get the most out of their time?

WE is a great association and participating to the Conference and Fair will make you feel the future of the watercoolers industry.
An event you cannot miss.

Blupura are sponsor of the International Fair this year – what do you think delegates can expect to see?

WE Fair is the best stage for introducing the greatest innovations to the public. Major players are participating, sharing their ideas and their products. Delegates will have the chance to personally experience the evolution of the watercooler and the water treatment industry in one day; really unique!

Blupura are exhibiting themselves in Berlin – can we expect to see your latest innovations?

Blupura will be glad to introduce to the public for the first time not a new product, but a completely new product range!
BLUGLASS, the ultimate expression of design, 100% made in Italy developed by Blupura. This product line encompasses three market sectors together - Domestic, Office and Hospitality (HoReCa) – and will satisfy all customers demanding top quality, performance and style. These models are all made of tempered glass and stainless steel and can dispense from 30lt/h up to 80lt/h. BLUGLASS Tower is a very elegant faucet (tap) with its electronic function built into the body together with two dispensing points. This allows for space saving under the counter, now only the BOX chiller is required. BLUGLASS 30 is perfect for offices and domestic use that can dispense up to 4 types of water: Chilled, Ambient, Sparkling and Hot. BLUGLASS 80 is more suitable for the hospitality sector and can be fitted with beer taps, inox push buttons, or touch (electronic) with a 7” LCD screen.
Our continuing evolution encompasses the IoT (Internet of Things) technology that is soon to be available on our BLUGLASS PLUS.

Sustainability is important to Blupura – have there been any recent developments within your range to support this?

Since its foundation, Blupura has been always environmentally friendly oriented. Our watercoolers chill water using the natural refrigerant gases R290 and R600;  that means higher efficiency in terms of energy consumption and zero impact on global warming.
Blupura has also been the pioneer of the #plasticfree initiative, a very sensitive subject of these days, with its slogan less plastic is cool and manufacturing exclusively Point of Use watercoolers since its very beginning.

Blupura have ventured across the Atlantic to selling in the U.S.  How is that progressing?

We have strengthened our presence in the U.S. market in 2014 with the opening of Blupura USA, and then reinforced our product quality by obtaining the most important certifications - UL and NSF - for mostly all our product ranges. We are now one of the major players in the United States.

Blupura have always supported the Aqua Awards and have been very successful.  Are you entering the 2019 Awards and what do you think the benefit of entering is?

Yes, we applied also this year.
Participating to the Aqua Awards is for us very important. Firstly, because you are competing with the greatest players of the industry; secondly because the jury is very serious and competent; and then of course if you win you’re among the best! That is a fantastic satisfaction!