AWCN & BWA in co-operation

December 16, 2015

On 3rd December, board members from both the Dutch Association and the Belgian Association met at Dolphin Production in Mierlo to discuss future co-operation.

Cecile Riphagen, AWCN Secretariat advised:  "The cooperation between AWCN and BWA has proven very fruitful and enhances the strength of both Associations.  2016 will see further combined meetings to exchange information and the organisation of collective activities. For more information on the Dutch and Belgian Watercooler Associations, check their websites".

Co-incidentally AWCN, have recently launched their new website.  This new fresh website has the byline “Improving the quality of life through the quality of water” and promotes hydration through water coolers.  The new website address (see below) means “water is healthy”.  Their new official email address is now

Other sections promote the ethos of the AWCN through Quality, Audits, Training, Codes of Practice, Food Safety and Labelling.


Photo:  Pictured (left to right): Rik Feijt, Robert Moorman, Emmanuel Eeman, Ab van Deemter, Peter Hogervorst, Seppo Hensgens