aQto launches a new water dispenser with hot water function

February 8, 2012

The aQto GmbH has expanded its BASIC Line with another high-performance product. The new water dispenser aQto BASIC S hot does not only offer a refrigeration and carbonating function, but it also provides a hot water function which can be used to prepare soups and hot beverages such as teas, hot chocolate and coffee. The new product is capable of heating 36 liters of water per hour. 

Due to its multiple functions the water cooler aQto BASIC S hot suits everybody’s taste: It delivers unchilled water as well as heated and chilled water and provides both non-sparkling and sparkling water. The water dispenser can be used in offices, in the gastronomy, in factories and even in hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals. An integrated contamination protection prevents that germs get inside the water cooler through the water outlet. Therefore, an ideal water quality is always provided.

With its hot water function the new water dispenser creates added value for our customers: The device does not only offer refreshment, but it also makes it possible to prepare hot beverages which is in particular good during the cold time of the year”, explains Jürgen Linde, chief executive officer of the aQto GmbH. The new water cooler is - as the other devices of the aQto BASIC S Line - produced in Forchheim, Germany.

Directly released from aQto press release