Angel Springs releases Harlem Shake video

April 4, 2013

Harlem Shake videos are popular these days. Angel Springs released their own version.

Simon James, marketing coordinator: “The idea behind making our own Harlem Shake video was taken from a viral campaign seen on YouTube that had quickly become a trend being adopted by people inside and outside of the UK. After taking a look at some of the videos we thought it would be a great idea to develop our own campaign based on what we had seen.”

Whilst making the video was fun for everyone in the office, an important aspect was that Angel Springs own staff conceived much of the arrangements. James added: “In addition, it also provided us with another marketing channel to engage with potential customers from a new and more diverse audience and increase the awareness of the Angel brand.”

MD John Dundon said: “Apart from being great fun, there is a serious message behind this clip. Our industry should look at initiatives such as this, which go beyond the normal tactics for our industry, but are common place in other markets. There are times when we need to be more creative.”

Angel Springs have set a target number of views, which it is expected to reach shortly, in order to make a donation to their charity partner Make a Wish UK to reinforce Angel Springs commitment to raising a £30,000 donation this year.

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Viral marketing uses all the venues available on the internet to promote a product or brand or campaign and create a “buzz”, become a trend. It is technological word-of-mouth advertising created by prolific mobile device use. 
As a virus grows exponentially, so a message/video/news story “goes viral” when it has been sent by the thousands – even millions - from device user to device user, voluntarily and spontaneously. The challenge in viral marketing is that a message must appeal to the right device users in the right moment in time for it to be “Face-booked”, You Tubed, “Pinterneted”, Tweeted, e-mailed, or otherwise vigorously shared with other users.
Viral marketing might comprise downloadables such as games, ebooks, brandable software; or it might be images, text or email messages, web pages. It might involve polling/surveys, blogs, strong opinions, sequels – anything that encourages forwarding, sharing, sending.
Momentum for viral marketing messages can rise organically – a company’s in-house marketing strategy attracts users/consumers to their website/tweet/facebook page/YouTube etc. And then, users like the message enough to transmit the message at no charge! This generally happens when a company creates funny or edgy or sexy campaigns that capture the public imagination, or perhaps offers incentive-based interaction or free samples to users. Or a company can use the whole new service industry - Social Media Optimization (SMO) – to help them maximise their marketing use of digital media, excite internet and social network activity and create “buzz”.

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