AFIFAE holds General Assembly and looks forward to the WE Paris event

February 25, 2016

WE have received the following report from Francois Gilleron, AFIFAE Chairman:

“First of all, allow us to present you our best wishes for 2016, a year of many challenges on both European and national levels, but, more importantly, a year where Paris will host the next WE fair.

“On February 3rd, we were pleased to hold our general assembly to look back on 2015, to identify 2016’s challenges and set up AFIFAE’s priorities. During this meeting we also had the honour to welcome potential new members and Gustav Felix for WatercoolersEurope, who gave a presentation about watercooler market in France and Europe, as well as an update on the BPA issue at EU level.

“Regarding quality standards, 2015 was a crucial year for AFIFAE: its “good practices guide for POU” and “audit guide for distributors” were updated. Various bottling sources had to pass the tests for BWC water in 2015. AFIFAE also continued to actively promote hydration, especially at work, contributing to debates on the draft bill for health in France, this summer.

“In 2016, the Association will of course continue to promote the highest quality standards especially through the review of the “audit guide for bottling sources”. It will also be an important year in terms of legislative and regulatory issues, both with the ban of plastic cups and taxes on bottled water. With regard to the ban of plastic, AFIFAE initiated a working group with all the stakeholders to negotiate with public authorities and find a convenient and economic solution. For the record, this regrettable decision should be brought into force in 2020 and will have a strong financial impact for our distributors and customers, as the current alternatives are economically not viable.

“Furthermore, facing the administration’s inertia and the lack of political will to initiate a real communication campaign on hydration, AFIFAE decided to launch its own one… but WE Members and visitors will discover more during WE fair in October 2016.

“AFIFAE is delighted to welcome the next WE fair in Paris. The French association will do everything to contribute to its great success.”