ADEAC appoints Sergio Pérez as new Chairman

May 22, 2012

The Spanish Association of Watercooler Distributors and Bottlers  ADEAC (Asociación de Distribuidores y Envasadores de Agua en Cooler)  recently appointed a new board and  named Sergio Pérez from Viva Aqua Service as its  new Chairman.

Mr. Pérez will be supported in his work as Chairman by following Board Members:
Adriana du Croo (Eden Springs), Jordi Morera (Canaletas), Antonio Burgos (Fuente Azul), Lluís Parera (Aquadirect Blue Planet), Josep María Castellarnau (Greif), Jordi Oliver (Dr. Oliver Rodés’ laboratory), Natalia Caprari (Aquajet) and Josep Lluís Ninou (Agua del Montseny).

According to the Association, the sector has a turnover of 102€ million and employs 1800 people in Spain. “It’s the beginning of a new period where the main challenge lies in the future development of the industry”, the ADEAC press release stated.

During the last few years, bottled water's large format sales have grown “dizzily” due to factors like the salinization on the peninsula’s shore of drinkable water and the installation of watercoolers on company premises.

According to latest ADEAC report, there are approximately 300,000 water coolers installed in Spain, with 11,3 millions of bottles, so it appears to be a market that offers plenty of new business opportunities.