Nestlé Waters, in collaboration with FAO and NGO Project Wet Foundation, is celebrating World Water Day in 29 countries through a global and coordinated approach. Around the world, Nestlé Waters’ employees will educate over 10.000 children on the necessity of healthy hydration for everyone.


“The university has failed to understand that bottled water is most often an alternative to other packaged drinks, which are often less healthy, and is not necessarily an alternative to tap water,”


The INSIGHT 100 scanner exceeded the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) standard for use at airports, with an almost perfect detection capability and neglible false alarm rate in unopened containers.


More than 60 per cent of bottled water consumers in Romania are women. More than 80 per cent of consumers drink the water as it is, while 17 per cent prefer mixing sparkling water with alcoholic beverages. 56 per cent of water sold is still, the rest is sparkling.


November 15th saw the celebration of America Recycles Day. As a part of this, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) encouraged increased awareness of the importance of recycling and of choosing consumer products that are packaged in recyclable material.


Future growth will need to be driven by savvy marketing  and further innovation in  products and packaging.


Perrier is one of the oldest spring waters in the marketplace. Alphonse Granier was the first to take an interest in the Vergèze spring in 1841.


Bottled water works better when baking because with tap water, the baker cannot control the chemical reactions that may alter either the taste of the bread, or the effect of the baking powder.


Would our infrastructure and water supply system be strong enough in a situation such as the one facing Thailand?