Как замена  высококалорийным или альтернатива  алкогольным напиткам, для гостей и для людей, управляющих транспортом, бутилированная вода представляет собой подходящий освежающий, здоровый и поддерживающий водный баланс напиток, гарантирующий качество и отличный вкус.


Whether as a replacement for high-calorie beverages, or as an alternative to alcoholic drinks, for guests and designated drivers, bottled water offers consumers a refreshing, healthy, hydrating, and convenient beverage that provides quality and good taste.


Dolphin приобрёл Dolphin приобрёл завод у Eden Springs в Порла Брюнн, Швеция. Покупка этого производства стратегически важна для Компании Dolphin, которая вошла в пятёрку крупнейших Европейских производителей кулерной воды.


A very cool video-scribing technique used to depict "Norman" -- an average man living an average life in an average town; until one day a small but vocal group of people convince his town council to ban the sale of bottled water.  You'll be surprised to see what happens next!


More than 8 million Americans have been left without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and authorities estimate that it could be a week or longer before it is restored. To help protect the safety of drinking water, public health and safety organization NSF International provides the following safety tips.


President of the Dutch Water Cooler Association (AWCN) Michael Hoogendijk pleads for more balance in the media and closer attention to the real facts on tap and bottled water.


Schweppes Abbey Well is the only packaged water available at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and is predicted to make up around 40% of all Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB) products sold during the Olympic Games.


Watersupermarket.com is an online marketplace wich stocks a large range of products belonging to the water industry and allow distributors, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to list water related services as well as product in its portal, thereby bettering the prospects of gaining better visibility.


To encourage a comprehensive approach to effective recycling, IBWA developed its Material Recovery Program (MRP), a collaborative joint venture between businesses and government.