For older people, hydration is especially important as the thirst system doesn’t function as it does when you are younger.


Eden Springs has completed the final transaction of the acquisition of five water cooler businesses from Nestlé Waters Direct.


EXECO – 2015Water Topics

At the recent WE AGM, the following Members were voted on to the Governing Board of WE – known as the EXECO.


Full details of the whole event.


World Water Day encourages awareness and action towards conservation and preservation of this precious natural resource.


Новое видео подчеркивает важность доступа к полезной, безопасной и удобной бутилированной питьевой воде.


The new video highlights the importance of having access to healthy, safe and convenient bottled water.


Как замена  высококалорийным или альтернатива  алкогольным напиткам, для гостей и для людей, управляющих транспортом, бутилированная вода представляет собой подходящий освежающий, здоровый и поддерживающий водный баланс напиток, гарантирующий качество и отличный вкус.


Whether as a replacement for high-calorie beverages, or as an alternative to alcoholic drinks, for guests and designated drivers, bottled water offers consumers a refreshing, healthy, hydrating, and convenient beverage that provides quality and good taste.