The production of 30% plant-based PET does not require the use of additional arable land, does not lead to any deforestation and does not compete with the growth of food crops intended for the local populations.


“We hope this recycling initiative with Ford will help raise visibility around the importance of recycling, with a  goal to drive recycling rates  to 100%, diverting millions of plastic bottles from entering the waste stream and potentially back into REPREVE-branded fibres.”


November 15th saw the celebration of America Recycles Day. As a part of this, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) encouraged increased awareness of the importance of recycling and of choosing consumer products that are packaged in recyclable material.


Recycle- Bowl was created to provide students with a fun, interactive way to learn about waste reduction and environmental responsibility through in-school recycling.


Nestlé Waters obtained the highest rate on container recovery. It is the company that applies more efforts to promote Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).