Clearly Filtered says  their test data shows that their filters eliminate up to 99.99% of all fresh water contaminants, meaning  that anyone can obtain pure water from any fresh water source. This includes not only tap water but lakes, streams and park fountains.


In  Eastern Europe,  Russia and Poland remained by far the largest bottled water cooler markets in the region, in terms of units and turnover. However, as new and faster expanding markets such as Slovakia and Estonia develop further, they can be expected to reduce the regional dominance of these two markets.


Would our infrastructure and water supply system be strong enough in a situation such as the one facing Thailand?


The company started actively aiding Compton Hospice three years ago through different fundraisers, by making donations through its award-winning Payroll Giving Scheme and by organizing charitable events such as the “It’s a Knockout” .


Eden Springs Group has a new man in Switzerland: Pascal Despraz. Despraz will be the main person responsible for the Swiss subsidiary.


Diane Koyich, International Liaison for Crystal Mountain and ICBWA's Chair, speaks about the main threats and opportunities for the industry.