The production of 30% plant-based PET does not require the use of additional arable land, does not lead to any deforestation and does not compete with the growth of food crops intended for the local populations.


The new lighter bottles have a shorter neck and a sturdy, ergonomical shape that requires less plastic and fits comfortably the hand.  The bottles, which are made with reduced PET plastic, remain completely recyclable.


The prestigious award honours the company that has most actively contributed to the international diffusion of ‘Made in Italy’ and the image of Italy and  Italian values  in international markets.


The new bottling  lines will  significantly reduce  the site's total energy output and will produce  the lightest  weight bottled water bottles made in the UK.


Future growth will need to be driven by savvy marketing  and further innovation in  products and packaging.


Nestlé Waters obtained the highest rate on container recovery. It is the company that applies more efforts to promote Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).