Providing clean drinking water is at the forefront of its campaign and Eden Springs has committed to donating at least $30,000 each year to support the provision of new drinking water facilities for the village. This eliminates the six kilometre hike that villagers were previously forced to make to access safe drinking water.


The Carbon Reduction Label communicates that the carbon footprint has been accurately measured and that PHS Waterlogic is committed to reduce the carbon footprint.


"Bottled water is a critical second source of drinking water, and never is that more clear than when access to public water is disrupted," said Heidi Paul, vice president corporate affairs for Nestle Waters North America.


The show featured product and service exhibits from leading companies, and offered more than 150 hours of live debates on subjects such as risk management, compliance and cost control.


The new sitiation gives the business improved commercial facilities from which to run their UK-wide operations and will enable Angel Springs to build further on its ambitious growth plans.


Only the introduction of 'long life' water cooler bottles —which can be cleaned and used up to 50 times before being recycled— means one Eden bottle can deliver 950 liters of water in its lifetime.


“The main task of Nebesna Krynytsya is to provide high quality, safe and tasty water to our clients. That's why we make every effort to guarantee maximum safety of our water and its high quality, that is now confirmed by obtaining ISO 22000 certificate,” says Valeriya Zubkova, director of Nebesna Krynytsya.


Leading water cooler supplier Angel Springs donated over 300 sports cap 500ml bottles of water to the TeenTech science and technology event in Basingstoke. The one-day event aimed to give young people an insight into science, engineering and technology careers.


Greiner Packaging has created a functional and sustainable packaging solution in cooperation with its customer


The new presentation represents their continuous care for mankind and society, as well as their origin, transparency and reliability. With this move, Kalimba repositions its water cooler business to serve both the business-to-business and consumer market in Belgium, the Netherlands and NordRhein-Westfalen, Germany in a true and authentic manner.