The production of 30% plant-based PET does not require the use of additional arable land, does not lead to any deforestation and does not compete with the growth of food crops intended for the local populations.


“We hope this recycling initiative with Ford will help raise visibility around the importance of recycling, with a  goal to drive recycling rates  to 100%, diverting millions of plastic bottles from entering the waste stream and potentially back into REPREVE-branded fibres.”


Clearly Filtered says  their test data shows that their filters eliminate up to 99.99% of all fresh water contaminants, meaning  that anyone can obtain pure water from any fresh water source. This includes not only tap water but lakes, streams and park fountains.


The new lighter bottles have a shorter neck and a sturdy, ergonomical shape that requires less plastic and fits comfortably the hand.  The bottles, which are made with reduced PET plastic, remain completely recyclable.


InstantTrust is able to purify both hot and cold water and can be  installed into any  point-of-use application, from taps to portable  counter top systems and under-the-sink water filters.


Greif Inc. was honoured as a Gold winner in the 23rd edition of the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. The 2011 program was centered on new developments, cost/waste reduction and improved sustainability.