The CoolGroove technology guarantees the real renovation and regeneration of the dispenser. The hybrid system merges the cooling system and the filtration of the water in a “single product”.


The patented technology uses a complex mixture of disinfectant components which are effective at very low concentrations and avoid any possibility of acclimatisation which can be a problem with longer-lasting disinfectants.


A hand tool scanner which allows you to find - among thousands of products -  the one which is about to pass its sell-by date; security antennae that show exactly which products were stolen; labels that make it easier to monitor the journey of a product from source to Point of Sale… All of these RFID technology uses – and many more – were launched during HISPACK 2012.


This limited edition “Cinema” bottle will be available in late April, for the whole of May 2012, in returnable glass and in PET, in 1L and 50 cl sizes in a variety of distribution channels.


The new-fashioned, compact family water cooler has been designed by Nestlé Waters Direct and produced by Ebac Watercoolers company.  Thanks to its elegant and modern design, small size saving space, mySpring® fits to all kitchen interior.


The museum, which is already open to the public and which covers an area of almost 1,000 square meters, is the first in the whole of Japan to be dedicated to water. Within this space, Mineral Water Museum will exhibit fountains and items related to mineral water from 30 countries all over the world.


Nestlé Waters has announced that an innovative silica dioxide coating added to San Pellegrino PET water bottles will reduce their weight, improve their carbon retention and increase their shelf life by three months.


With the Philips InstantTrust solution, water dispensed from coolers is disinfected instantly and efficiently and will soon be available in the Oasis Kalix water cooler, the Aqua Pointe and VersaFiller® bottle fillers.


Almost a trillion people do not have access to drinkable water, so Levi’s has decided to do something about it. During the celebration of World Water Day, the firm has - among numerous other initiatives - used HOD bottles to dress its shop windows.


The company worked with experts to research the environmental impact of the water cooler business and to discover how the efforts of Eden and its customers have helped to reduce the carbon footprint.