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According to new figures sourced by the Natural Hydration Council, London residents are increasingly consuming greater volumes of bottled water.


Drinking water compensates for lost fluid and ensures adequate hydration for the body: a fact "which is fundamental to the health and welfare", as evidenced by the document, 'The science on water and hydration'. The document was introduced as part of the 38th World Congress of International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH), which was held in Lanjaron (Granada).


Knowledge of the importance of hydration is not enough to prevent dehydration. Despite an overwhelming display of knowledge and positive attitudes about healthy hydration habits, children aged between 9 and 16 still suffered significant dehydration.


CafeHydrate is committed to environmental stewardship and the health of our planet and will donate 1% of its total sales to non-profit organizations in support of health and environmental causes, clean water initiatives in particular.


Remember to drink water!Healthy Hydration

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This independent research was commissioned by Nestlé Waters, in order to further understanding of the importance of proper hydration in children. These UK findings closely reflected recent research carried out in France and the USA as part of the same project, where 62.2% and 64% (respectively) of children arrived at school insufficiently hydrated.


The results showed that mild dehydration had an adverse effect on mood as well as ability to concentrate in both men and women. Both were more likely to feel fatigued and to have diminished cognitive performance when mildly dehydrated, but overall women were more sensitive to dehydration than men.


A New Year is the perfect time to start new routines, and many of the New Year’s resolutions involve trying to lead a healthier life. Choosing bottled water is the healthiest option.