Waterlogic has entered into an agreement to acquire the water cooler division of PHS Group (‘PHS Waterlogic’) for an undisclosed amount.


American water, Italian design - “We are excited to start a business partnership with such an established American company.  Blupura has always focused its attention on high quality and design of its water coolers, and this recognition from Elkay is a good incentive for us to continue working this way.”


Castik Capital, the European private equity investment firm, have launched a recommended cash acquisition of Waterlogic Plc by Poseidon Bidco Ltd


The acquisition of office water solutions activities from the Pascual Corporation adds around 10,000 customers to Eden Springs network.


Angel Springs has been acquired by Castik Capital, a European equity investment firm, through Hydrus Bidco
Ltd., a company ultimately owned by the EPIC Funds.


The acquisition takes Aqua Vital's market share to around 40%.


Bill Bruce interviews Lord Digby Jones, who was the keynote speaker at the British Water Cooler Association annual conference.


Переход от Инновации Кулеров к Кулер Плюс отражает возрастающую важность кофе и торговых автоматов


Portola Packaging announced their successful acquisition by Silgan group, a leading global packaging company.